About me

REX (Jurriaan Rexwinkel, 1970) is a Dutch punk-skate-printmaking Artist who, after an art degree, turned to printmaking, pop-and streetart and multimedia. He was previously active in the punk / skater scene. You will usually find his usual, socially critical themes in his works and prints. His art is seen all over the world.

Power of art vs money

I use money to ironize, undermine, sabotage and demolish the power of money.

With this I show the nature and value of money, since its transformation shows a change in its value when it is rebuilt as art.


Wood- or linocut  are high technique presses, what is not cut away, are printed. The high parts are therefore printed. This technique has already a very large history and is one of oldest graphic techniques.

Each print is numbered, hand printed and original, no copies or glicee. Limited edition and hand signed.

The rule of thumb is with graphics or an edition: The higher the edition, the lower the price. 

Street- stencilart

Since the eighties of the last century, worked a lot with street art. Previously with stickers, later with spray cans and stencil art. Under different names, first Joker (There turned out to be an artist in Amsterdam too), so PLOP, NAR and NOFAME have all been tags. Now REX, for a while. Inspired by the 1983 film starring SEEN, SHOE and the work of Blek Le Rat.

"Investing in a work of art can be an excellent short-term financial investment."